Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Page 50 Error Addressed

Hello Ken,Looking at page 50 there is this auction:

1♠ 2♣
2♥ 2♠
2NT 3♣
3♦ 4♥

This is described as a "delayed picture jump". I think a picture jump delayed or not is a jump into a side suit that was previously bid by the person making the jump. So this would not seem to qualify. I would assume it to be a picture splinter.Please clarify.Thanks

You are right -- this would be a Picture Splinter, albeit a Delayed Picture Splinter. This blip I remember as tweaked by the editor, and it seemed off at the time, but I could not put my finger on it.

It seems odd to distinguish the delayed Picture Splinter, here, from the immediate Picture Splinter. The club cuebid told us nothing new, as the immediate Picture Splinter should show good clubs. The delay until 3♦ is bid is irrelevant, as the Picture Splinter would deny a diamond control anyway.

Thus, this seems to be a redundant auction. 4♥ after 2NT would have shown ♠HHx(x) ♥x ♦xx(x) ♣HHHx(x)(x). So would 2NT-3♣-3♦-4♥. Strange.

In assessing the actual redundancy, one must consider what might happen if Opener were to jump to 4♦ after 3♣, the only bid that might ruin plans after 3♣. This would seem to be a Delayed Picture Splinter, showing one top spade (per force of 2NT), a stiff diamond, HHHx(x) in hearts, and no club control.

So, when would this be a problem, or when would enabling this move help? It seems like Responder might want to induce a 4♦ Picture Jump from Opener when he holds the stiff Q or J of hearts.

So, perhaps the Delayed Picture Splinter by Responder, in this example, strongly hints at the stiff heart being the Q or J in the delayed auction, but small in the quick auction. Alternatively, the slow action might be agreed to show stiff King in hearts? Or, a top stiff (Ace or King)?

I like this second option appeals to me most. "If a Delayed Picture Splinter is truly and completely redundant, as available earlier, then the delayed action identifies the stiff as the stiff Ace or King. A Yummy Toes Asking Bid for that suit goes (1) King, (2) Ace." If you prefer the earlier version, change "Ace or King" to "Queen or Jack."

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Unknown said...

This brings to mind the difference between allowing 4-card 2/1s and 5-card 2/1s with at least 1 of the top 3 honors. If a picture jump cuebid shows at least KQJx then with the latter agreement maybe it should show at least KQxxx. If partner has the missing honor then you probably can still count 4 tricks. What do you think Ken?