Sunday, November 4, 2007

A Note on Alerts (ACBL)

After a very lengthy email discussion with Mike Flader, I have finally gained some advice regarding the alert procedure as it would be used to advise the opponents during a cuebidding sequence using the tools I have proposed.

The Alert Procedures leave much to be desired. However, it appears that most cuebids below 3NT do not require an alert, even though they are not usual methods. However, Flader suggests that the 2NT "cuebid," showing poor trumps (fewer than two of the top three) should be directly alerted. Further, he suggests that a failure to bid 2NT, inferring thereby at least two of the top three trump honors, should be post-alerted.

None of this can be gleaned from reading the ACBL rules as to alerts. Thus, I am sharing this information. If anyone wants a copy of the Flader email response, let me know.

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