Sunday, December 30, 2007

Canape Notes

For many years, I played with a few guys from Mansfield who all liked canape. The approach they had started with was a mess. I tweaked it into a system that worked very well, being "available" to relative novices (some NLM's played the system).

I no longer use a canape approach, largely because of new partners. However, I did save a 2000 "book," of sorts, that I had put together for the small group of Ohio canape players.

The sad thing is that I lost the electronic version of the thing. I do have a scanned version, however, one that could be converted, I suppose.

If anyone out there happens to be interested in my thoughts on canape bidding (from almost eight years ago), let me know. My email, again, is I could send you the scanned version.

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