Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Buried Slam Tries

Another good discussion on BBF.

The idea eventually arose -- how to make a rare slam try in a game try sequence for a side suit, without revealing too much too often?

The core issue. When Opener has invitational values and hears a raise of his major, the partnership may well have a slam in a side 4-4 or 4-5 fit, strangely. E.g., A-AQxxx-Kxx-KJxx opposite xxx-Kxx-xx-AQxxx. You basically need normal splits to make 6C. Add in the heart Jack, and this is nearly laydown.

My approach would be:

3C-P-3NT(super-accept clubs)-P-
4C(agrees clubs)-etc.

But, one objection was that 3C might reveal too much. So, what about a slower, non-revealing sequence, using some new tools?

2S(first step -- random GT or better)-2NT(relay -- I have interest in a side suit slam, if you care)-P-3C(I do. Where?)-P-
3H = clubs
3S = spades

Opener then either bids 4M, or cuebids, or relays again (Responder's call +1) to ask questions.

Seems like it might work.

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