Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ken's Club

My good friend Ken Eichenbaum has his "Ken's Club" up and running now. He already has several members, and his product is excellent.

I have added a direct link to his new site ( to my "links" and at the top left of my website. Check it out.

Ken's Club is an online "club" for advancing players who want to advance their game with the direct help of a professional player and teacher. Ken regularly sends out email articles, analyzing about two or three actual deals in amazing detail each day. He also offers a "free play" session per month for members. The most amazing feature (I think he is crazy, but he likes it) is that members can send (unlimited) email questions to Ken about anything bridge, and he answers every one. It is sort of like having a professional on call at any time. (That should help in the post-mortem, eh?) He even picks up the phone once and a while when the issue is complicated.

From my personal experience, he is quite an effective bridge teacher. Not only is he wildly talented, but he also has a way of introducing complicated concepts in a way that makes it "easy," often with humor thrown in. Add to that the "bonus" of a free game each month and an on-call pro, and you have quite a package.

He does charge for this, but not much. $25 per month is ridiculously low.

Ken is also working on an update of an older bridge comedy book that he originally published in 1993, as well as a new theory book (LTC-related).

His website has a link for free samples and other info.


Memphis MOJO said...

I don't think there is www in front of his link.

Memphis MOJO said...

It looks like it works either way -- nevermind.