Friday, April 23, 2010

It seems like there should be a way

After a 1D opening by the opponents, I overcalled 1S with A10xxx-Axx-xx-AQx, a fairly hefty collection, but we play rather sound overcalls in this seat at the colors we had (I jump to 2S on any excuse).  Responder passed, and my partner splintered 4D.

Here's the rub.  I was fairly certain the the whole problem was whether partner had a hand like she actually had (KQxx-Kxxxx-x-Kxx) or the other hand she could have (KQxx-Kxx-x-Kxxxx).  If the bidding seems insane at this point, give Advancer any number of my cards that makes her hand look like you would expect -- maybe AKxx in spades, and me Qxxxx.  Maybe Axx in clubs, and me Kxx.  The point remains -- the whole question is whether I have the right Queen.

I find this to occur a lot.

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