Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Frontiers is Up at Ebooksbridge

I long ago promised a "coming soon" release of a book that I wrote about a two-way strong opening structure, one that I believe competes with Precision as to effective description of strong hands, if not surpassing Precision.  And yet, relatively easy.  I hope you enjoy!


Larry said...

Interesting, Ken. I will buy this although I have not digested the Canape e-book yet!

I have been experimenting with a modification of Miles approach: 2C = 20+ hcp & a 5-cd major. 2D = 4441 or balanced (22+) or Diamonds primary (may have a 2nd suit).

Kenneth Rexford, Esq. said...

Initial thought on Miles -- where'd clubs primary go?

I don't know anything about the Miles structure, but it seems intuitively off, in that there is too much in the 2D opening and not enough in the 2C opening. But, I'd have to see a more thorough outline to know if it makes sense or not.

Let me know, when you get to it, how the two compare.