Thursday, August 5, 2010

Three Clubs as Length or Shortness

Themes seem to arise in bidding.  An odd one resurfaced for me recently -- bidding 3C as "length or shortness."

One example I have played is when partner raises my 1D opening.  We have played that 3C in this sequence shows "length or shortness."


Responder then bids 3D to ask for clarification:

3H = length, this shortness
3S = length, this shortness
3NT = shortness in clubs

We are trying out a new spot for this, after transfers.



In these situations, however, Opener has two asking bids.  Bidding Responder's major asks, but agrees the major as trumps.  Bidding 3D also asks, suggesting clubs as trumps.  Bidding the other major "asks" in a way, suggesting a 5-3 strain in that other major.

Maybe you have spots where 3C as "length or shortness" makes sense?


Marvo The Magnificent said...


I'm not quite sure I get the continuations after 1NT-2X-2X+1-3C-3D, say 1NT-2D-2H-3C-3D. 3S would appear to be 5+ hearts, 4+ clubs with spade shortage. Now I'm stuck. Am I right in assuming 3H is 5+ hearts with club shortage? This would allow 1NT-2D-2H-3C-3D-3H-3S to show interest in four spades opposite (e.g. 4-5-3-1); 3NT over 3S in this sequence to deny (e.g. 3-5-4-1) and 4 level bids as cues. What is 1NT-2D-2H-3C-3D-3NT? 5+ hearts, 4+ clubs with diamond shortage? How does responder show 2-5-2-4? Please clarify. It probably doesn't help my clear thinking that I have just got off a flight from Dubai and am a little jet-lagged.


Kenneth Rexford, Esq. said...

With 4S/5H or 5S/4H, you would not go through transfers, instead using Smolen. Therefore, the club shortness holding will usually mean 6-3-3-1. With 5M/4D, you would rebid diamonds, as well. Rebidding 3NT after partner flags clubs shows the 5422 with clubs.