Sunday, October 3, 2010

Other Blogs

Two blogspots that you might find interesting.

My friend, Ken Eichenbaum, has made some additions to his blog at, including info on ordering several new e-books by him, as well as some smaller e-pamphlets.  These include books and articles on slam bidding, 2/1 GF structure, defense, bridge comedy, etc.

Also, my local club newsletter for each month is available at  The newsletter has a lot of articles that many have enjoyed and is more than just a list of who did what (but it has that too, of course).  This month, for example, the newsletter is 13 pages long and has articles on cuebidding in a 2/1 GF system, "the Bickersons on Bridge," Ruth's Bridge Tips (largely rules-oriented), play of the hand shorts, analyses of a couple of deals from the instant MP event, Roman Gerber, avoiding the Stumble Bunny, etc.

Chek these sites out!

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