Sunday, February 27, 2011

Free Ebooks, Sort Of

FWIW, at our local club's website (, I have upoaded three "Free Ebooks."  These are really compliations of 2010 articles from out local club newsletters.  But, some might find these interesting or funny or whatever. 

One of these "ebooks" is a set of several articles from 2010 written by Ruth Odenweller, the main club director, called "Bridge Tips."

One is a collection of 2010 articles in the series written by me and my wife, Leah, called "the Bickersons on Bridge."  Some of this is actual bridge stuff, but some is more on the humor side.

The third is a small series on 2/1 GF that I wrote for beginners in the club thinking about switching to that approach from standard. 

I am not vouching for any of these three being quality work, as I just cut and pasted the articles from the newsletter.  And, the newsletter articles were not drafted with any intention that they be published other than as a newsletter article.  So, the editing may be lousy, and the content moreso.  But, the price is right.

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