Friday, April 22, 2011

Is it Frequency?

For the life of me, I still do not understand why one concept has not expanded as a general practice.  It is fairly common these days to play Smolen, which could be called "Same Rank Criss-Cross at the Three-Level" as a longer conventional name.  Using that term, one then imagines the other applications of that conventional approach.

After Stayman, a "SRCCTL" treatment for the MINORS would make 3C show diamonds and 3D show clubs.  After a Jacoby Transfer, the same SRCCTL approach could be used, as well.  This would also "right-side" many contracts, albeit less often.  A 2D transfer to hearts determines who declares a diamond contract.  A Stayman 2C determines who declares a club contract, and a 2D response determines who declares a diamond contract.  But, in many instances te minor declarer is not yet determined.

This approach would also allow for some "intermediate" actions, such as showing a major-diamond two-suiter with only intermediate values via transfer...3C, as Responder can pass a 3D preference (Opener preferences 3D with no fit and with no interest in 3NT opposite only invitational), for example.  That is, if the partnership wanted that.  Equally, this might allow bidding Stayman with long diamonds and one major as an escape, and then bidding 3C if Opener picks the wrong major, so long as Opener completes th transfer in this sequence; Responder bids on with other hands.

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