Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Prioritized RKCB?

I have for some time thought that a bit of structure might save space when asking for Aces. 

Consider spade agreement and launching into RKCB.  One might have a structure at the four-level like this:

5C = Exclusion RKCB, void in clubs
5D = RKCB switching focus to suggest showing diamond keys rather than spade keys
5H = Asking for a heart control

The idea in the above is that calls at the five-level, if not cuebids but rather asking bids, are generally tied to the suit you bid.  Is that ideal?

One might, instead, simply adopt a sort of "Yummy Toes" pre-determined set of priorities.  For example:

Step One Asking Bid = 4NT = RKCB
Step Two Asking Bid = 5C = Exclusion RKCB for the known or only contextually possible void
Step Three Asking Bid = 5D = Re-Focused RKCB focusing on the obvious focal side suit or only unknown side suit (as to controls)
Step Four Asking Bid = 5H = Control Ask (their suit)

Obviously, with Kickback, you drop a level or more.  Also, this order might not be your preference for orders, and context might suggest other orders.  For example, if you like having Exclusion as priority #2, but there are two possible void suits, then you might have Step #2 = lower exclusion, Step #3 = higher exclusion.  Similarly, if voids are not possible, then you might have a switch-ask run Step #2 = Opener's other suit, Step #3 = Responder's other suit, or vice-versa.

Establishing priorities might seem somewhat daunting, perhaps.  Which set of priorities is the best for the most possible auctions?  Well, I am sure that the educated guess is better than the random draw of what happens to be established by rules of the game -- rank.

One might decide that the best acronym resolves doubts, or that the acronym is better than a perhaps technically better structure because the acronym is easier to remember.

Ideas for Acronyms, anyone???  I'll try some. 

REST?  RKCB, Exclusion, Switch, Their (Suit)

REMY?  RKCB, Exclusion, My Suit, Your Suit

ACES?  Aces, Control, Exclusion, Switch

I really like "ACES in Comp."  With spades agreed, 4NT would be "A" for Aces; 5C "C" for Control (answer RKCB with control), 5D "E" for Exclusion (probably void in their suit), and 5H as "S" for Switch (which would be rare in competition, I would imagine).

Out of Comp, a lot of sequences might make for ASSET.  4NT for "A" for Aces; 5C for "S" for SWITCH (my suit), 5D for "S" for SWITCH (your suit); 5H for Exclusion of the fourth suit, and 5S for "T" for "TRY" (a general try not otherwise covered). 

I'd love to hear some better ideas.

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