Sunday, October 9, 2011

MICS as Overcall Structure?

For a while, a partner of mine and I dabbled with the idea of playing our entire system on if the opponents opened a "short club."  In fact, we tried this out and found it at least fun.

MICS has something going for it for an overcall structure, as well.  With RHO opening a short 1C, a "MICS Overcall Structure" would have a modified structure:

2NT for minors, weak
2M for that major and DIAMONDS
2D for majors (like Sparts or Flannery, or Michaels for that matter)
2C for 4-4-4-1, any short suit!
1NT balanced (probably strong better, but maybe even a weak RUNT approach instead?)
1M for 4+, could be canape
1D for either diamonds or clubs one-suited, or rare CLUBS AND A MAJOR
X for strong

This is probably not completely ideal and could be radically tweaked.  But, the idea of incorporating a canape-style simple overcall structure with a three-suited cue/takeout of 2C seems to have intuitive merit.

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