Wednesday, September 4, 2013


I have not posted for some time on this blog, largely for two reasons.  First, I am writing and playing a lot less because of my children.  Second, my main focus is now on the local bridge club Newsletter, which I edit and for which I write.  For those who miss my posts, you might check out the Newsletter, which is uploaded once per month at the website  You can also ask to be added to the massive Newsletter mailing list by contacting Ruth Odenweller at

The articles in the Newsletter go back several years now.  Last year, I started and then finished a small mini-book I called "Gil's Epic Game," which was intended to be a humorous spin on bridge in the vein of the Epic of Gilgamesh; the entire ebook is available free lower on the Lima DBC website.  I am now working on a more general "Theory" series. 

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