Thursday, June 21, 2012

Serious 3NT for Beginners

I am more and more convinced that the "Serious 3NT" convention needs to be re-introduced to the general public with some new catchy name, in some new and simpler form.  I am trying to come up with a term, though.  "Baby Blackwood" was a concept that ran for a while, and people seem to love "Gerber," which also makes you think of babies.  These terms seemed appealing for some reason.

The "Serious 3NT" version I am thinking of is simply a 3NT call showing extras (maybe defined as 17+ HCP), with this meaning that cuebids show less.  Something really basic.

Then, I need to call it something neat, so people will approach it more enthusiastically.  People seem to like the words "Jacoby," "Bergen," and "Stayman," but "Serious" sounds, well, serious.  Hard to understand, somehow.

I thought about "Rodwell 3NT," but Rodwell's name is scary, too.  Obviously, you cannot attribute the convention to someone else, so a different name is no good.

Maybe a funny word?  Like, "Stumble Bunny 3NT."  The idea being to avoid stumble bunny auctions?

Maybe I need to get that baby concept in there, like "Stumble Baby 3NT" or "Pampers 3NT?"

I am running short on ideas.

So, any suggestions for a catchy name?

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Lak said...

Strong 3NT


Strong 3NT after Major Agreed ("SENTama")