I received a recent email asking whether anyone who has read my Canape book might be interested in establishing an online BBO partnership for practicing and developing these methods.  I imagine this could be a concern, as I myself have experienced that problem.  You might find yourself in a circle of friends and players who are either not up for canape or not capable.  If so, feel free to post a "comment" on this page seeking another who is up for putting canape into action on BBO and elsewhere.  Or, send me an email and I will try to match people up.

Same for cuebidding or "New Frontiers." 

Also, if anyone wants to set up mentoring for you and partner in learning canape, or New Frontiers, or better cuebidding, let me know.  I frequently take questions from readers.  If anyone is interested in a more substantial mentoring approach, I might be willing.