Monday, January 1, 2007

Another "Leaping Serious 3NT"

Having tried this with no sessions yet, I have no idea as to its value. But, my friend Ken Eichenbaum and I have decided to solve a "problem" auction with a new agreement, one you may like. I'd appreciate any thoughts on this.

The concept arose as a result of a real-world auction. Opener starts 1♠, you respond a forcing 1NT, and partner rebids 2♥. There are times, especially at IMP's, where Responder wants to bid 4♥ on a hope and a prayer, gambling. Or, Responder could have every ounce of his call.

We have decided that, after this auction, 3NT by Responder should show the serious raise to 4♥. We agreed that the normal 1NT...3NT auction was usually a masterminding auction, where 2NT would have been the better course (especially if Opener was a tad light for his opening, a common occurrence for us).

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