Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Shanghai Deal #4

Opener: KQx-10xx-xx-KQxxx
Responder: xx-x-AKQJxxxx-Ax

One pair bid this hand to 6D.

I cannot really explain why they bid this to 6D, as I'm not really sure what the first six alerted bids meant. I'm fairly certain that something went horribly wrong.

And, I don't really have any suggestions on how to better bid this hand using good cuebidding techniques. An uncontested bidding sequence to a slam off two Aces, with no voids, speaks for itself, I'd imagine.

I just posted this hand to remind myself that competing for many long days against the best players from your country, ending up at the top of that group, and earning a trip to Shanghai does not mean that you are incapable of causing folks to scratch their heads and wonder about your sanity.

There's hope for the rest of us.

1 comment:

Kenneth Rexford, Esq. said...

Apparently USA II likes hopeless 6D contracts. (Rnd 18, Bd 32) LOL