Monday, September 6, 2010

Partscore Before Slam?

You know the advice, "Game Before Slam," but what about "Partscore Before Slam?"  When we're talking GERBER as the alternative, well...

Partner Eichenbaum and I decided upon a switch this weekend.  2NT-P-4C had been "Gerber."  2NT-P-3S had been some sort of minor slam try.  In thinking this through, we NEVER bid Gerber here.  Usually a transfer, a 3S call, or at least Puppet happens.  So, is there a better use?

Sure -- partscores before slam!

We have now switched to 4C as a transfer to diamonds.  with a poor hand and long diamonds (e.g., xxx-Q-xxx-Jxxxxx), Responder can bid 4C and then pass 4D from Opener.  With slam values, 4H next is RKCB, 4NT quantitative, and 4S or 5C simple cues from unbalanced invites.

3S, then, is a response promising clubs.  Opener bids 3NT with AKx or better, but 4C otherwise.  This also could be weak (will pass 4C or convert 3NT to 4C).  4D is RKCB.

With the minor two-suiters, Responder wtill bids 3S and then bids 4M to show the stiff from minor two-suiters.

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