Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Muiderberg by Responder?

Just a thought...

For a few years I experimented with what could be called "Muiderberg by Responder," at least when Responder already has a passed hand.  An example:

P-P-1H-P-2S as Spades plus a Minor.
P-P-1S-P-2H as Hearts plus a Minor.

I really liked this a lot, and I wonder if this could be usefully extended into unpassed-hand auctions.  I mean, I really like 1H-P-2S as intermediate with a six-bagger, as this solves a lot of problems.  But, there is something to be said for Muiderberg, as well.

When I started thinking about this, however, I end up with the lack of knowledge of the minor seeming to be more problematic in these auctions.  A "specific minor Muiderberg" might work.

I don't know...just some rambling thoughts for a Wednesday morning.

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Anonymous said...

In Truscott's notes on Symmetric Relay Precision, most jump shift responses are used for twosuiters:
1D-2H=5S5H; 1D-2S=5S5C; 1H-2S=5S5C; 1H-3C=5D5C; 1S-3C=5H5C; 1S-3D=5H5D