Monday, January 10, 2011

Shows or Asks?

An interesting question from BBF brings up a theory issue. Unusual jumps typically show unexpected holdings or difficult-to-show holdings. Jumps often show shortness, but other times (Bluhmer, Empathetic Splinter) show 2+ without control. Five-level bids sometimes are used for extreme shortness (i.e., Exclusion RKCB), but sometimes imply a hole (asking bids).

It seems that perhaps there should be a meta-agreement that allows the partnership to know which is which in a way that maximizes utility. Perhaps the tendency should be toward most likely occurrence, but then perhaps the tendency should be toward least likely anticipated.

The case in point was a reverse followed by a raise of Responder's 6-card suit.


What would a leap to 5C show?

In theory, if the "most likely occurrence" method is used, one would expect Exclusion RKCB, meaning something like 3-4-6-0 shape.

However, if the "least likely anticipated" scenario is used, then an "Asking Bid," resembling a Bluhmer or Empathetic Splinter, or Asking Bid, makes sense, a 2-4-5-2 shape with solid but no club control.

I am not suggesting a specific answer. Rather, discussion.

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Lurpoa said...

I would define it as Exclusion KCB.