Thursday, February 10, 2011

Two More Puppets?

Nothing that spectacular, but I kind of like this treatment.  Partner opens 1NT, and you have a 5-card major with 5332 pattern and 3 cards in the other major.  Obviously, one can work out that the best contract might be four of the other major.  So, how do you handle this?

Puppet Stayman, of course.  But, after the transfer.

Start with a transfer to your long major.  If partner does not super-accept, bid 3C Puppet Stayman.

If partner has five of the other major (without support for your major), he bids it.  Raise as you will if you have 3-card support (raise to game without interest; bid 4D with slam interest).

If partner has three-card support for your major, he bids your major.

If partner has neither, he either bids Three Diamonds (likes clubs) or 3NT.

Sure -- you might have clubs also.  If you bid Puppet Stayman, you might have clubs too.

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