Monday, March 28, 2011

Improving 1S-P-2S-?

A discussion on BBF got me thinking.  When the opponents bid and raise spades (1S-P-2S), fourth seat is jammed.  A structure to deal with this situation, however, might be worth considering.

1S-P-2S-2NT = both minors, or just diamond (Overcaller will correct 3C to 3D), or just hearts but weak (will correct either minor to 3H)

This part suffers some ambiguity in the 1-2-3 scenario, but that 1-2-3 is often the goal anyway.

1S-P-2S-3C = clubs plus hearts (Michaels style)
1S-P-2S-3D  = diamonds plus hearts (Michaels style)

Showing the second suit helps at this level and possibly higher.

1S-P-2S-3H = strong overcall in hearts (like a strong jump overcall)

Obvious benefits.

1S-P-2S-X = takeout OR just clubs

This is really problematic for higher levels, but it at least gets us in there without giving something up but with the gains of the other auctions.  Unwinding is simple:

Bid 3D or 3H if you would bid that after a 3C overcall -- if partner has the takeout he is pleased.
Bid 3C if you would bid that after a double -- if partner has just clubs he is pleased.

Bid 2NT (1S-P-2S-X-P-2NT) if you would have preferred a red suit in response to a takeout double.  If partner bids 3C, he has "just clubs."  If partner bids 3D, this is pass-or-correct.

Any thoughts on this structure?  I think I like it, myself.


cellobella said...

I like it. Now I just have to convince partner. :)
Oh and then remember it...

Kenneth Rexford, Esq. said...

The upside, I suppose, is that it would come up a lot. Frequency aids memory.

If you want to increase frequency and hence memory, do a similar thing after 1H-P-2H. 2NT as both minors or just diamonds; 3C or 3D as that minor plus spades. Double could be just clubs, with Advancer bidding 2NT if he would have bid 3D.

homes for sale in pittsburgh pa said...

I personally think it sounds like a solid play. However as cellobella said, it's critical you get your partner on the same page to use the strategy.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, this will not spin. A three-way 2NT bid is simply not good enough nor the other two-way bids. The reason is as you stated - you're cooked when opener bids 3Sp. No - this isn't what you're after - it is what you fears!

Argie said...

I think after (1S)p(2S)X(3S) there will be too much trouble, and this situation DOES come up a lot!

Kenneth Rexford, Esq. said...

I agree that 1-2-3 will cause problems when the double occurs AND we actually would want to enter the four-level AND Advancer does not have the hand type where he can handle both types of double.

I also agree that the 2NT call might be overstacked if all of the conditions described as problems with the double are also present.

Against this, however, Advancer will be better positioned when Overcaller was able to state the minor from a heart-minor two-suiter and when Overcaller was able to show the extras heart overcall.

I am thinking that the gains may outweigh the costs, but that is for every one to decide themselves.