Sunday, April 17, 2011

Negative/Responsive Pass?

A strange sequence recently inspired a thought.

LHO opened 3D, partner doubled, and RHO leapt to 6D. Yes, that was the start.

My hand was a rock:


I could hardly imagine any other call but 7C. That part was easy. But, RHO took the bait and bid 7D, of course.

So, what should a pass by me mean? It seems that in such a crunched sequence, a pass should not necessarily show the diamond Ace but perhaps should show interest in another strain more generally. In fact, I would certainly entertain 7S, and 7H might not be hopeless. The key would be whether partner has a quality 4-card suit, such that the ruff on my side does not auto-doom the contract to a 3-3 hope and prayer.

Negative and Responsive Doubles are a topic of discussion as to how high to play them. Perhaps we should also discuss how LOW to play a Negative Pass or a Responsive Pass?

I mean, consider this sequence:


It probably makes sense to play this sequence as forcing, if it actually comes up. If so, then should a pass show both majors and interest in a major-suit slam?

Are there other sequences that call for such a treatment?

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