Thursday, September 8, 2011

Yet Another 2D Opening Method???

I love coming up with new meanings for opening 2D.  A sick hobby, perhaps.  Well, here's another, inspired by my thinking again on "delayed canapes."

There are two 5431's where delayed canape does not help:

1-3-4-5 and

Interesting.  This suggests that a 2D opening could show these.  14-17 or so HCP, with 1345 or 1435.

But, then you could add in 1-4-4-4 fairly safely.

You now have a three-suited opening, flexible like the Precision three-suited 2D opening (not strictly 4-4-4-1), with like Precision a known shortness (here, spades).  2D as 1345/1435/1444, 14-17 HCP or so.

Unlike the Precision 2D (3415/4315/4414/4405), it is easier to pass this 2D call.  Plus, the available asking bid of 2S (retaining the meaning of 2NT as natural) is much less painful.

2S asking?

2NT = 1345
3C = 1435
3D = 1444

3S after answer as slam probe?

Something like that.  This could be coupled with 2H as H+C and 2S as S+minor to solve all high-reverse problems.  Perhaps r-on-w or 4th seat?

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