Thursday, January 31, 2013

Super Accepting?

In line with my latest prior post, what should a "Super-Accept" look like?

You open 1NT with 15-17 HCP (occasional upgrades), and partner transfers.  What is your "range?"

I showed how the "normal" range would be 2-6 cover cards as far as strength, with 2-5 cards in support of the major.  Suppose that we took the cover card range and added to it the variance off of an expected simple 3-card fit.  For example:

3 cover cards.  3-card fit (0 variance).  3+0=3.  Net of 3 Super-Accept Credits (SAC's).

4 cover cards.  4-card fit (+1 variance).  4+1=5.  Net of 5 SAC's.

2 cover cards.  5-card fit (+2 variance).  2+2=4.  Net of 4 SAC's.

4 cover cards.  2-card "fit" (-1 variance).  4-1=3.  Net of 3 SAC's.

If we do this, then perhaps the worst SAC count is 1 SAC (2 covers, no fit), while the greatest is probably only 7 SAC (4-card fit plus 6 covers or 5-card fit nut then only 6 covers), because a 5-card suit with six covers would have upgraded to open the major and jump rebid 2NT.  Thus, the SAC range is 1-7.

With 7 SAC, force game.  With 6 SAC or 5 SAC with something else, show a strong super-accept.  With 5 SAC without something extra or 4 SAC with something extra, show a medium super-accept.  With less, do not super-accept unless you have 4+ support and a means to show a weak super-accept.

Notice how a 3-card super-accept is possible in this approach.