Monday, January 1, 2007

Strange Coincidence

After posting the information on another "Leaping Serious 3NT," (see below), I happened to browse through the vugraph archives for the 2006 Reisinger. Strangely, I noticed that Moss-Ekeblad missed even slam on a hand where the Grand makes on a 4-3 spade split and the small slam is pretty icy. Their opponent bid the small slam with an auction I could not find.

Ekeblad opened 1♠ with ♠A109xx ♥KQ985 ♦A10 ♣x. Moss responded 1NT, presumably forcing, with ♠x ♥A10xxx ♦Kxx ♣A109x.

When Ekeblad rebid 2♥, this must have interested Moss, but he probably had no tools available to handle this hand. Enter the Leaping Serious 3NT!

After 3NT from Moss (heart support, great hand), Ekeblad should visualize that slam is probable and cuebid 4♣. Moss cuebids 4, and Ekeblad takes over. 4NT, RKCB, yields 5♥ (two keys, no trump Queen). If Ekeblad now realizes the potential of this hand and invites the Grand (5NT), Moss has enough to think about it. I like to think the Grand was at least sniffable.

So, if Moss-Ekeblad are a good indicator, this Leaping Serious 3NT might just be a good idea...


Jimmy said...

If Leaping serious 3NT is slam oriented how does Responder bid with
xxx AKxx KQx Jxx, or similar.
3NT is the most likely game.
Say it goes 1S-1NT;2m-?? Now I think 3NT could show this hand. Exactly 3=4=3=3 with 12-13 HCP and poor spade support. Else the first bid would have been 2m.
If Responder holds:
xx Kx QJx AJTxxx
and the auction goes 1S-1NT;2C
I would give serious consideration to 3NT to play. I think there are several such auctions where game in NT is desireable - More than when slam is available.
Or are you advocating Leaping Serious 3NT only when Opener's second suit is hearts?

Kenneth Rexford, Esq. said...

There are some merits to the school where 1NT...3NT shows this type of hand. If you use that approach strictly, then this is not an option. If you do not ever follow this school, then you would be forced into 1S-P-3NT or 1S-2m, as suggested.

Also, you are right in your conclusion that we only use this fit-showing 3NT call when in support of hearts as the second suit.

This simplifies things. The only auction where 1NT...3NT is artificial is when Opener bids spades and then hearts. Accordingly, you only have a "problem" with a balanced 13-count when you would prefer 3NT to four of either major. With THAT hand, you must bid 1S...3NT or 1S-P-2m. With all others, 1NT...3NT is fine.