Friday, November 25, 2011

Flags/Transfers After 2NT in 2/1 GF

An idea that might be worth considering.  In any 2/1 GF sequence where trumps have not yet been agreed but both major strains are possible, a 2NT call forces one-under calls by the other person, with 3C as a minor flag.

An example from BBF is 1S-2minor, 2S-2NT, ?  At this point, Opener rebidding 3C to agree Responder's minor, 3D for hearts (6-4 weakish), or 3H to rebid spades allows three-level agreement of all suits, which solves some problems.

Similarly, 1S-2H, 2S-2NT is a good start for this.

If only one major strain is possible, but both minors are possible, then bidding the minor naturally but always 3H for whichever major (and 3S as a confirm call) makes sense.  E.g., 1M-2C, 2D-2NT, ?

If all four suit strains are actually possible, one-under still might make sense, with 3S for clubs.  This hurts in club sequences but helps in all others.

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