Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More on Two Under

The more I discuss the two-under concept with others, the more I like it.  a few schemes have come to mind over 1NT openings:

(1) Distinguishing Major(s) and Strength

2C = weak with one or both majors.  Partner bids 2D with spade preference, which allows Overcaller to bid 2H with just hearts.  Responder's direct 3C asks for unwind, strong hand.
2D = majors, stronger
2H/2S = one major, stronger

(2) Crunched Cappelletti plus canape

2C = both majors or one major and either minor.  Partner picks the major of preference, again bidding 2D with spades.  If you started with both majors, go to the major partner prefers.  With extras, raise that major.  If major-minor and partner picks the right major, go to that major or bid the minor with extras.  With major-minor and partner picks the wrong major, bid the other major; partner continues as if Cappelletti.
2D = hearts or spades, multi-ish
2H = four hearts, longer minor
2S = four spades, longer minor

(3) Crunched Cappelletti plus Stronger Majors

2C = same as for other Crunched Capp
2D = majors, values
2H = hearts
2S = spades

(4) Crunched Capp plus Crunched Minors plus transfers plus leaping Ripstra

2C = Crunched Cappelletti
2D = hearts
2H = spades
2S = one or both minors (2NT prefers diamonds)
2NT = majors, values
3C = 4414-ish, values
3D = 4441-ish, values

(5) Razzle-Dazzle

2C = Crunched Capp
2D = one or both majors
2H = 4H/longer minor
2S = crunched minors
2NT = majors, values
3C/3D = leaping ripstra

(6) specific minors crunched capp

2C = Crunched Capp, but if major-minor the minor is diamonds
2D = multi major one-suiter
2H/2S = major plus clubs

The 2C for major(s) and the 2S for minor(s) both get featured a few times.  But, the opportunities are quite vast for using this two-under method.


Larry said...

Interesting, Ken. However, 2D must have an anchor suit to be GCC Legal.

Have been studying MICS, trying to work it in with our Transfer Precisions system ...

Kenneth Rexford, Esq. said...

True, at least for now, which would in GCC events limit folks to only the options where 2D shows both majors, I suppose, or a scheme where 2D perhaps shows diamonds (or clubs) and a major.

The 2S for one or both minors would also suffer this problem, in GCC events.

But, for higher level events (with approval and suggested defenses), or for jurisdictions that allow these types of sane bidding structures, all is good, eh?

At least the more basic forms are good at GCC.