Friday, November 4, 2011

Two-Under Double?

The two-under concept might also be applied to Precision/Neapolitan 2C openings and the defense thereto, or to 3C openings.

Double = one or both majors, competitive only.  Partner bids 2/3D (cheapest) with spade preference.
2/3D = majors, extras
2/3M = intermediate overcall.

This is the rough sketch structure.  Tweaks might include that the cheapest diamond call is Michaels-style and the double takeout-or-major.  The idea would be to solve a problem with a 2C opening, namely that 2M might make sense with a weak two hand up to an intermediate with six-bagger.  Forfeiting diamond overcalls and diamond responses to the double vastly improves major sequences.

Just a thought...

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